Single Song
Mix & Master

$99 Per Song


We offer a unique and affordable mixing service geared toward the modern recording artist. From our state of the art facility, we provide inspired and accessible solutions for the classic digital recording dilemma.

Mixing Includes

  • Professional mixing of your song to industry standards
  • Mix changes (Revisions / Adjustments)
  • FREE MASTERING on every song we mix
  • Fast turnaround (5 day turnaround time or less)

How does it work?

You send us the song to mix with a general or specific direction you want us to go in. We will process the song until we have completed the mix to our professional industry standards. Then we'll email you a link for you to download your new mix. It's that simple!

How do I send you my files for mixing?

Send us your Pro Tools multi track session files oro send the individual tracks in WAV or AIFF format consolidated from the starting point of the session. Please label each file correctly (eg Main Vocal, Kick Drum, etc...) this makes it a lot easier when discussing possible edits an for general tidiness of the project.


Once you hear our mix, there may be things you want to change about it. Simply email us with your change requests within 10 days, we will implement those changes and send you another updated mix at no additional charge (up to 2 revisions included free).

Mixing Rates

$99 / Per Song
(Mixed & Mastered)


It's quite simple really...

Our success is due mainly to your complete satisfaction. We know the internet can sometimes be a scary place to do business these days. Especially when your sending your hard earned money and precious mixes off to someone you don't know.

That's why Channel Fuse Media offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every project that we mix or master. This guarantee, like many others, was created to insure a little bit of trust between the client and the business relationship in todays world. You can be certain our company will provide you with an excellent sounding master of the highest quality, guaranteed!

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