Our Clients


Online Mastering
"You guys did an excellent job mastering my track. Not only was the quality exceptional, but it took a day less than I expected."

Boombox Cartel

Online Mastering
"Every rough edge was rounded off, EQ sounds great and leveled out perfectly. Overall sound is punchy and tight. Thanks for a great product!"

Echo Plains


Online Mastering
"A job well done with my first release. Getting better than expected feedback, and really generating a BUZZ in the industry, thank you!"

AJA Olivia James

Online Mastering
"Channel Fuse Media is my only choice for Mastering! Turn around time is extremely
fast too. You will always have my business thank you , Caiden!"

Caiden Cwote$


Online Mastering
"The right sound at the best price. You knocked it out of the park once again, as always. More to come, stay tuned my friends!"

Lagato Shine

Online Mastering
"Got the Masters and we are more than satisfied with the final products. This was some very good work. Thanks alot!"

Deryn Taylor

Online Mastering
"Thank you for the amazing master of my song. I am very happy with the end result! As a musician I can tell you enhanced the quality, and added more depth.!"

Jeremiah Gerst


Online Mastering
"I am an indie music artist and recently used Channel Fuse Media for mastering the songs. I am happy to say I had a very good experience with this company."

Michael Tru-2-Life

Online Mastering
"Outstanding work on The Honor & Glory EP. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and awesome support throughout the entire process."


Online Mastering
"You guys do a great job. You always tighten up the track and make my bass more punchy., and keep my mids crisp. I will definitely work with you again."

Brandon Reese

Online Mastering
"Appreciate you mastering my album, it sounds wonderful!!!! And you provided me with great customer support. You guys are the best!!!!!"

Denzell Simmons

Online Mastering
"Our experience with Channel Fuse Media will keep us coming back for more. We look forward to working with you in the near future."


Online Mastering
"You did an awesome job on my project, we all love it. The turnaround was quick, and we have much more music coming to you shortly!"

Chris Fields

Online Mastering
"We just recieved it today. Sounds great, thank you so much. Will continue to use Channel Fuse Media for our mastering needs."

Luke of Soulfire

Online Mastering
"The magic touch you have added makes me feel very confident and greatly satisfied about their final versions. So happy I found you. "


Online Mastering
"You turned my project into gold! I invite anyone who has questions regarding your mastering service to look me up, I'd be happy to answer any questions."

The Epoch Authority

Online Mastering
"Here's a big shout out to ya for makin this all come together in the end. Well Polished with all the punch and clarity it has always deserved."


Online Mastering
"I received my proof today and the results are very impressive. You really hit a home run with this one. Thanks again for the great service."

Jessica Johnson

Online Mastering
"We will definitely recommend your company to our friends and anyone else that needs superior quality mastering done. You did an amazing job."

Instant Madness

Online Mastering
"All the songs sound fantastic! Really nice work!! Thank you so much, we love what you did with the entire album mastering wise."

High Strung Rock

Online Mastering
"On behalf of the band and myself, thanks for the professional work and fast turn around. You added a separation and depth to our music that we couldn't accomplish on our own."

Online Mastering
"A high quality product, you guys are good att your craft! I couldn't be happier and will definitely be back for future projects."


Online Mastering
"At first I had my doubts, but when I got the master back I realized you are the real deal. You really know how to bring out the best in my music."

Da ATL Click

Online Mastering
"Great job guys, the tracks are on their way to the duplication company Our manager is very pleased with the album."

White Noiz

Online Mastering
"I wouldn't depend on any other mastering company! Channel Fuse Media is quick and thorough and best of all the stuff sounds amazing!"


Online Mastering
"Your mastering for my children's CD Smile Every Day did exactly what I hoped it would do. I cranked it up and the songs hold tight and totally rock."

Ryan SanAngelo

Online Mastering
"I am so pleased with how everthing turned out. This has been a wonderful partnership indeed. Thanks A Million!"

Donneshia D.C. Clark

Online Mastering
"Hey Channel Fuse Media, excellent price for mastering, excellent work! Until the next time, thanks."

Cairo Sound Clash

Online Mastering
"We were picked up yesterday by Dark Star Records, they were very pleased with the quality of your work! We will send every one we can your way."

Shatter Their Illusion

Online Mastering
"The sound is indeed big and the engineer is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Channel Fuse Media to anyone in need of high quality mastering."

Erin McCabe

Online Mastering
"The quality is top of the line and your customer service was beyond our expectations. You really should be charging much more."

XQuisite Productions

Online Mastering
"My mix wasn't the greatest but you guys worked with what I had and made it sound great and without over compressing. Any future projects I have I will send your way."

Val Cain

Online Mastering
"This was a great mastering experience for us. We had no idea our sound would improve as much as it did, and the price was just right."


Online Mastering
"As a musician I will use Channel Fuse for all my mastering and as a studio owner I will recommend you to my clients. Excellent service and GREAT PRICE!"

Faces Made For Radio

Online Mastering
"Hey, just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job on our audio project. Already got some friends to send you some new stuff pretty soon. "

Power Kor

Online Mastering
"We received the completed mastering package in the mail today. The entre CD sounds fantastic! Thank you very much for bringing our music project to life!"

Serrated Dream

Online Mastering
"I just took the first listen to our new master and it sounds perfect. Thank you so much for all your hard work. You guys are fast and affordable."

Nitro da Kid

Online Mastering
"Channel Fuse Media is the first choice our group uses for all our mastering needs. The results are great and always on time."

National Trust

Online Mastering
"Very BIG professional sound. When it's time to master our next music recording, we will definitely send it to this mastering facility."


Online Mastering
"Great job! The master disc sounds perfect on all the systems we played it on. Our manager will be very happy it turned out so good. Thank you so much."

Black & White

Online Mastering
"Nice! The Master CD sounds pretty damn good. Great job on this one, better than I expected. I will have another album coming your way very soon."


Online Mastering
"Great work guys. I am thoroughly pleased with your mastering work, and your services will go highly recommended. Keep up the good work ."

Mercury Ecks

Online Mastering
"Everything fell right into place, you rock! Great sound at a great price, thanks for all the hard work. Another job well done by the Channel Fuse Team."

Magnum Itiner Iterius

Online Mastering
"We didn't think that your budget mastering would result in anything special. To say that we were pleasantly surprised with the results would be an understatement."

Swagger Music

Online Mastering
"Been really pleased with the mastering work you did for me - I've had an amazing number of compliments on the album. You are definitely a fantastic investment."

Eyes On The Prize


Online Mastering
"Here's a big shout out to ya for makin this all come together in the end. Well Polished with all the punch and clarity it has always deserved."


Online Mastering
"Thank you so much, I will be redirecting all my mastering needs to you. Look forward to future projects with you. I will send you a copy of our works thanks again."

ND Music Group, LLC

Online Mastering
"Our last place charged 3 times as much for the same project and didn't sound this good. It's good to know you can still get great mastering at a decent rate."


Online Mastering
"Channel Fuse and staff is what customer service is all about. They truly care about the work they are performing, and even follow up to confirm your satisfaction."

James Miller Band

Online Mastering
"The whole band agrees that the work you did is outstanding! We are very thankful we chose you to master our record. Thank you very much!"

The High Crusade

Online Mastering
"This is by far the best studio I've used in a long time and I'll gladly recommend it to my friends and colleagues. Great Sound!"

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